Covid Vaccination Update

Dear patients,

The vaccinations are ongoing for all patients in category 1-6. Everyone in category 1-5 should have had an invite already and we are currently working on Category 6. If you are in Category 1-5 and haven’t had an invite – please call the surgery to book your appointment.

The numbers vaccinated (first dose) as of today for Birchwood are as below:

  • Category 1- Carehomes- 92%
  • Category 2- Over 80s – 94%
  • Category 3- 75-79y olds- 95%
  • Category 4- 70-74y olds+ CEV- 92%
  • Category 5- 65-69y olds- 90%
  • Category 6- 16-64y olds high risk- 46%

While we continue to work through category 6 which is the biggest cohort, we have heard that national invites have gone out to Category 7 patients (all 60-65y olds) this week. We do not organise the national invites and do not have control over these. If you have received your invite, please do book your appointment and get the vaccine. However, if you are unable to travel and would prefer to have it locally, we will of course invite you once we’ve completed category 6.

Thank you all for your patience and co-operation. Take care, stay safe and we’ll see some of you on Sunday the 7th at Centenary hall.