Birchwood Support Group

Birchwood Support Group has been formed in early 2011 and has been meeting regularly.

To join our support group, please complete our Patient Participation Group Registration form.

Our current elected members

  • Chair – Mrs Liz James
  • Vice-Chair – Mrs Joan Robinson
  • Secretary – Mrs Stella Price
  • Patient Educational Lead – Mr Michael Walshaw
  • Clinical Commissioning Group Lead for the practice – Mr Richard Willcox
  • Communication Support – Mr Stephan Price

We have 15 committee members from various age groups and ethinic backgrounds.

Educational Events

Birchwood Support Group regularly organises educational events for patients to attend.

First educational event was on Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and was held on the 12th of September 2011.


Members of the group meet regularly quarterly.

Suggestions and Ideas

We would like to hear your views and ideas on what you would like to see from the surgery, so we can identify areas for improvement and influence the development of the local health services. Please use the suggestion box for the patient group at the reception.